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Who am I?

My name is Julius, I'm a games programmer and designer, a full stack web developer, a writer, and a musician.

I have 6 years of experience in a wide variety of languages, and have been passionate about games for all my life. I published my first game back in January, and am in the early stages of a second.

I am also currently looking for contract work creating websites. If you have a small buisness, product, new project, or anything else in need of a home on the web I can help you. My rates are flexible, and I have access, and the knowledge, to use industry leading technology to make your site the best it can be. Contact me at

Skills and experience

  • 6+ years of computer programming experience in languages such as JavaScript, python, Java, C++, C, and ruby

  • Strong experience in full stack web development and webpage design

  • Extensive 2D gameplay design and programming experience

  • Advanced UI and UX design

  • Control system design and programming on both console and PC

  • Experience using tools such as Arduino and breadboards to create physical tools

  • Proficient in using bash

  • Experience with Vim

  • Extensive experience with Git repositories

  • Professional experience in narrative design and writing

  • Professional experience in marketing

  • Strong skills in structuring, managing, and facilitating communications for a team of developers and designers on a single project

  • Full resume available here.

Active projects

I currently am currently working on a new, unnanounced indiependently published game. More details coming soon!

I am also looking for projects as a contract web developer. Contact me at